Midori and Lexi work together. After the Christmas party Lexi went to work bragging about what had happened between herself and Alana. Midori thought it was a really hot idea and starting asking Lexi what she would think if someone snuck in on her. Lexi said that she thought it was hot, but really had a fantasy about an older woman taking advantage of her. Midori couldnít believe what she was hearing. She knew she had to follow Lexi home and make their mutual fantasies come true.
Lexi and Alana had been at a friendís Christmas party. The pair were introduced and spent the whole evening flirting and trying to catch the otherís attention. The attraction was electric and both Lexi and Alana hoped that before the evening was over they would have a chance to get into each otherís pants. Sadly, Alana got tired and decided to head home, but Lexi wasnít ready to give up yet. She followed Alana home and watched her through the window while Alana fell asleep on the couch. Lexi couldnít contain herself and took her opportunity to have her way with Alana.
Jackie had mentioned several times to her girlfriend that the idea of having someone sneak in on her while she pretended to be sleeping, was something that she would really like to have happen to her. At first her girlfriend thought it was kind of weird, but after thinking about it, she decided it sounded pretty hot. She took the opportunity to make both their fantasies realities.
Sivone was taking a lovely afternoon nap after a long week at work. She had just fallen into a deep sleep when her roommate, Natalie, peeked in on her. When Natalie realized Sivone was asleep she knew that she could act on her ultimate fantasy. Natalie had tried to woo Sivone for months, but Sivone was playing hard to get and Natalie was getting frustrated. She saw her chance to be with the woman of her dreams and she was going to take it!

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